Find unique pieces of high-quality handwoven Kilim carpets, ethically sourced from artisans in Tunisia, for a fair & sustainable world

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About Us

In a world dominated by fast fashion and manufactered goods, artisanal and traditional craftsmanship is depleting.

This is why we launched Koom, a project aiming to revive and sustain these ancestral crafts, by helping local artisans get global reach, in a transparent and ethical way.

What Our Customers Say

Totally worth it!

Koom's Kilim was a perfect match for my living room. I love the designs and the quality is very good.

Loïc B - Paris
High-quality rugs

Delightful handmade Kilims. I also feel aligned with the company values of fair trade and transparency!

Emna A - Nice

Beautifully designed and crafted rugs. Customer care is outstanding. I would definetely recommend this brand.

Dusko B - Hamburg

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